Dear Friends:

I will be closing the Estate Sales Outlet Shop by December 31, 2022, or as soon as we can accomplish the following:

  1. Help consignees pick up remaining consignments in the shop between the hours of 10am-12:00 noon on Tuesday thru Saturday (with advance notice).
  2. If consignees do not wish to pick up their items, we will be happy to donate them and consignee will receive the appraised (ticket price) on each item as a donation receipt.
  3. The sooner we clear the store, the better we will be financially.  The customer volume these days has decreased significantly.  And the high costs of necessities and gas has limited the number of customers who take the time to browse and make purchases.  None of us know when and if the economy will improve. Our lease is too high to chance that it will ever be as good as before COVID and we cannot afford to wait it out.  

Estate Sales Management will still be in business doing in-home estate sales for our customers.

We enjoy providing the service of sales in the home without the cost of maintaining a shop and we are definitely looking forward to the change. Please stay on our website at: to receive email notices of our scheduled estate sales and view pictures and lists of items at those sales.

If you have additional questions, please call or text Betty Lou Donnelley at 208.866.4999 or email:  Please leave your name, phone numbers and/or email so I can reply as soon as possible.

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