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SHOPWe invite you to visit our consignment shop for huge savings. Something is always on sale at the consignment shop. Watch the Current Sales posts for information about sales and specials in the outlet shops.

We  sell items that remain after on-site estate sales in our consignment shop. Some examples of the items we carry include art, antiques, books, china and porcelain, collectibles, crystal and glassware, furniture, home decor, costume and fine jewelry, kitchenware, lamps, sterling and silver plate silverware. The majority of the items in the shop are from previous estate sales, however we do accept a limited number of  consignments when we feel the items fit well in our shop and are likely to sell well for our clients.

Store Hours:

12 noon – 4:00 pm Tuesday – Saturday

3520  Chinden Boulevard

Garden City, ID 83714






About Estate Sales Management, LLC

After many years of managing estate sales, Boise based Estate Sales Management became an LLC in 2007 to help people manage the tedious, often emotional job of conducting estate sales.

As the company has grown so have the services the company provides. Those services now include managing moving sales, downsizing sales and displaying unsold items in the Outlet Shop. The estate, moving and downsizing sales are all conducted on-site, typically at a private residence over a period of two days.

As Boise area baby boomers decide to move from their larger family homes to smaller homes more and more of them are discovering that estate sale companies like Estate Sales Management, LLC can help them “downsize” to a smaller home.

The company can help them sell items that won’t fit into a smaller home. The extra money clients can get from selling two or three extra bedroom sets, a large living room set and all the other household goods they no longer need could make a big contribution to furnishing their new smaller homes.

When they set about deciding how to sell their now unwanted treasures, clients often find the tasks of selling things piecemeal on eBay, Craigslist, local classified ads or in weekend garage sales just too time consuming and far too much work. Especially when selling those items becomes an added burden that complicates the moving process.

The consignment shop was added as a natural extension of the business. Many clients wanted to sell the items that remained after an on-site sale was over. The company opened the consignment shop to provide a way for clients to continue offering items for sale, and to expand the customer base to include people who may not have attended the original sales events.

Estate Sales Management, LLC manages the entire estate sales process from researching prices, to displaying the items for sale and finally to moving unsold items to the consignment shop.The shop sells antiques, art, books, select clothing, collectibles, furniture, glassware, jewelry, books and just about anything of value one might find in a home. Items in the shop are priced at sale prices that make them exceptional values, especially since many of the items are one of a kind or difficult to find in the local market.

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